Wheel Spin Fruit Machines

If playing fruit machines that can award you wish a wheel spinning bonus game appeals to you then allow us to introduce you to Microgamings Spin Crazy game that should keep you entertained and amused for hours! Based on a standard fruity you can trigger its spin the wheel to reveal your prize type bonus game once you get three of the scatter symbols anywhere in view on the screen.

Stakes and Prizes

You can set the coin values and therefore the stake levels at which you play the Spin Crazy fruit machine to any of the follow 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00.

Spin Crazy Base Game Pay Table:

3 Cherries
3 Lemons
3 Plums
3 Single Bars
3 Double Bars
3 Triple Bars
3 Red Sevens
3 Gold Sevens
3 Game Logos

Spinning in anywhere in view three of the Wheel symbols will trigger the Crazy Wheel bonus game details of which can be found below.

Base Game Features

As on all fruit machines you are going to come across all manner of base game features and these are listed along with information on how they work and play can be found below.

Nudge - At the end of any game you have played you may be awarded the nudge feature, this is indicated by the flashing nudge buttons underneath each reel. You will see how many nudges you have been awarded by looking at the nudge bank, and can then nudge downwards, one or any reel at a time to hopefully complete a winning combination.

Gamble Nudge - Should you not have enough nudges to enable you to complete a winning combination the fruit machine may offer you a Nudge Gamble, simply click the Gamble button to find out whether you have added a nudge to your nudge bank by winning the gamble or have lost the gamble and had one of the removed.

Nudge Bank Held - Any unused or unneeded nudges may be held over to be played on the next spin of the reels, if they have been held over then the Nudge Bank Held light will illuminate of the slot screen.

Sneak Peak - This is a handy featured offered whenever you have been awarded nudges, and it will allow you, by clicking on any of the Triangles at the top of each reel, to move that respective reel downwards to have a peak at what reel symbols are out of view, this will enable you to work out which reels to nudge in the hope of lining up a win line combination.

Let 'em Spin - The words Let 'Em Spin may appear on the alpha numeric display after you have used any awarded nudges but only nudges in two matching symbols, when this happens do not hold any of the reel symbols when the hold feature is awarded and simply click the Spin button to start the next game, an automatic guaranteed winning spin will then appear on the win line.

Reel Magic - Another randomly activated base game feature is the Reel Magic feature and when this is triggered you will notice the reel symbols in view of the fruit machine screen will start to flash in a random fashion. Simply click the Stop button and one of them will become permanently lit, the reels will then spin in a winning combination containing that reel symbol.

Shifta - One of the reel symbols on the win line will be selected and the remaining reels will be stepped downwards until a winning combination is formed using the selected symbol. This feature is another randomly activated base game feature.

Crazy Wheel Bonus Game

To trigger and be awarded the Crazy Wheel Bonus Game simply spin in three of the Wheel symbols anywhere in view on the Spin Crazy fruit machines reels and you will then launch the special bonus screen this will present you with a large wheel made up of different segments.

To set the game is motion simply click the Spin button and the wheel will be set in motion, once it comes to a complete stop you will earn whatever the bonus feature the Pointer is pointing to!

On the screen you will see a Cash Pot, a Win Spins Pot and a Feature Pot, along with a Mystery Pot, as the wheel spins it will either spin in additional cash amounts which will add to your Cash Pot, or give you the chance of winning any of the features shown in the Feature Pot, or win spins in the Win Spins Pot or one of the mystery features in the Mystery Pot.

Once you have started to spin the wheel you can collect any of the feature, cash amounts, win spins awarded however you may opt to continue spinning the wheel and risk playing for better ones, however once you have spun in a position on the wheel it will then be de-activated and should you land on any deactivated position then you will instantly lose the Crazy Wheel bonus game and you will be returned back to the base game.

The positions you can land on are as follow:

Cash You can win additional random cash values. The cash value is added to your bonus game Cashpot.

Feature Shots You can win additional random bonus features. Depending on the number of shots awarded, you can re-play the bonus feature. The features are:

Spin Crazy The segments on the Wheel change to the regular game pay table. Losing segments are also added to the wheel. The Wheel starts to spin. You win the total amount accumulated in the Cashpot.

Reel Blaster This is a reel-based feature. You are returned to the regular slot game. The numbers 1 – 9 flash in the information window. You stop the flashing numbers. The number you stop on is the number of blasts you win. Use the blasts to hit a symbol on the reels. The value the symbol represents is awarded to you. You win the total of all the wins displayed. The same symbol cannot be hit more than once during the feature.

Super Spinna This is a reel-based feature. You are returned to the regular slot game. The reels automatically spin. Each symbol displayed on the pay line represents a winning symbol combination payout. You win the total of all the wins displayed.

Pay Rise This is a stop and win feature. The number in the Cashpot window starts to count up and down to random amounts. You stop the scrolling number. The number you stop on is the amount you win.

Spin It To Win It This is a reel-based feature. You are returned to the regular slot game. A series of random wins are displayed consecutively on the reels. You win the total of all the wins displayed.

Reel Roulette This is a reel-based feature. You are returned to the regular slot game. You stop the flashing symbols. The symbol you are awarded completes a winning symbol combination.

Spin ‘Em Round Three multiplier values are displayed. The multiplier values are hidden and shuffled around. You choose Hold to reveal the multiplier value. Your total bet amount is multiplied by the multiplier values won.

Cash Stopper This is a reel-based feature. You are returned to the regular slot game. Each time a numbered symbol is displayed on the pay line, a payout is highlighted on the pay table. Once the reels stop spinning you win the highest payout highlighted on the pay table.

Turbo Time A random bonus amount is displayed in the information window. You choose to collect or gamble the random bonus amount to try and win a higher amount. You can only gamble three times.

Cherry Surprise This is a reel-based feature. You are returned to the regular slot game. The reels spin automatically and stop on a Cherry symbol winning combination.

The Repeater re-activates the feature a random number of times and awards additional bonus amounts.

Mysteries Pot Features

Should the wheel stop on the Mystery segment then this will award you with several additional features, some good and some bad and some will end the game instantly!

Add Symbol - The Crazy Wheel Counter is located at the bottom left of the screen and when you land on the Mystery segment of the wheel and this feature is awarded one of those lights (of which there are three) will light up.

Get all three and the Crazy Wheel will launch, this is a potentially huge paying wheel spin game where all of the wheel segments are either cash amounts of a Stop symbol, the wheel keeps on spinning and adding those cash amount you spin in into your bank, if you get a Stop segment then you will end this game and keep what you have accumulated up until the point where the Stop segment spun in.

Lose - This is one thing you do not want to appear as when awarded you have lost and will win nothing and will be returned to the base game.

Skill Continue - All of the letters in the word continue will light up one at a time, you simply need to click on the Stop button when the last letter is lit, if you manage that then you can carry on spinning the wheel, miss the last letter and the wheel spinning game will instantly end.

Skill Shot - The wheel will spin and using your skill you must stop it on any of the segments that you want to be awarded.

Stoppa - This feature will see you simply clicking on the Stop button and which ever position on the wheel you stop on is the one you are awarded.

Relight - Being awarded this feature sees all of the de-activated segments of the wheel being brought back into play, once they all light up you are free to continue spinning the wheel.

Win Spin Shots - This game sees you instantly being awarded up to fifty guaranteed winning spins on the fruit machines base game.