Bonus Ladder Fruit Machine

Stumbling into a Kebab shop after a night of drinking around town is often the way most people bring their evenings entertainment to an end, and to celebrate this very British weekend ritual Microgaming have brought out their Abra Kebab Ra fruit machine game.

Stakes and Prizes

Depending on your casino currency setting the coin values for this fruit machine can be in Euro, Dollars or Pounds and the price per spin can be any of the following: 0.30, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00.

Abra Kebab Ra Base Game Pay Table:

3 Cherries
3 Lemons
3 Oranges
3 Plums
3 Melons
3 Chillies
3 Sevens
3 Kebabs
3 Chefs

Get three of the Lamp symbols anywhere in view and you will trigger the bonus game

Base Game Features

Nudges - You can be awarded at the end of any spin up to 4 nudges, to move any reel downwards one position at a time simply click on the nudge button underneath the reel you wish to nudge.

Gamble Nudge - Once the Nudge feature has been awarded on the base game you may be offered a Gamble Nudge feature, so for example if you have been awarded two nudges then by successfully clicking the gamble button when the 3 nudges light is illuminated you will then win three nudges, however you could lose the gamble and when this happen you lose one of the nudges awarded, and in our example your two nudges will become one nudge.

Nudge Repeat - Once you have used up your awarded nudges the Nudge Repeat feature may be awarded and when this happens you will be awarded another set of nudges.

Nudge Bank Held - If you do not use all of your awarded nudges then when you click the Start button to play the next game the Nudge Bank Held light may illuminate and these unused nudges will be awarded at the end of that next spin.

Hold - Before the start of a game the Hold lights may illuminate, and when this happens you may choose to lock into position and or all of the reels for the next game, the most common times when you will use this hold feature is when you have two matching symbols and you will hold them in the hope the missing third symbol will spin in on the next game.

Have a Peek - When the Nudge feature has been awarded by clicking on the small triangle located at the top of each reel when it is illuminated, that reel will then move downwards to show you what reel symbols are out of view, hopefully showing you which reel should be nudged to hopefully allow you to complete a winning combination on the win line.

Bonus Game on the Abra Kebab Ra Game

Once you spin in three Lamp symbols anywhere in view then the bonus game is awarded and this will see you taking part in a Higher or Lower type game, which plays out on a new screen. You are presented with a set of three reels each of which will be displaying a number from 1 to 12.

You are tasked with selecting one of the reels and then choosing whether you think the next number to spin in on that reel will be higher or lower then the current number displayed on it, you do this by simply clicking on the Hi or Lo button above the reel you have chosen.

Above each reel is a bonus ladder and if you have guessed correctly then you will move up the corresponding ladder of the reel you played higher or lower on, reel one offers a cash multiplier ladder, reel two offers a bonus feature bonus ladder and reel three offers a nudges bonus ladder.

The higher you get on each respective ladder the bigger the cash multiplier and number of nudges will become and the higher you reach on the bonus feature ladder will result in much better paying bonus features.

You can also trigger some additional bonus features whilst playing the higher or lower bonus game, once you guess higher or lower correctly three times these bonus features will begin to flash you need to click on the stop button a which ever of the features lights up is the one you are awarded, the possible ones you can win are as follows:

No Lose - This will allow your next guess on any of the number reels to be a guaranteed winning one.

Reel Skill - Once this feature is awarded the numbered reels will spin and you have to stop them using your skill, the aim being the get a better number landing on your preferred reel.

Multi Add - This will randomly light up additional positions on each of the bonus ladders.

Extra Life - Should this be awarded then even if you incorrectly guess whether any of the three reels is higher or lower then you will not end the game and therefore be given an extra life and can carry on playing the bonus round.

Extra Step - This is offered is two ways, the first is in the early stages of the bonus round should you have not moved up three positions on any ladder, then your positions on the ladders will be boosted, however if you have already moved up more than three of more positions on any ladder then you will be given an Extra Step, this lets you move the number reels one step by click the Step button thus allowing you to change the number on the reels in the hope of getting a better one.

Change Number - Being awarded this will set the number reels in motion and a new set of them will replace the previous ones.

If during the Hi Low bonus game you guess incorrectly then the bonus game will end and you will return to the base game, unless you have been awarded an Extra Life.

You can play the above slot at Golden Tiger Casino.