Bonus Board Fruit Machine

Microgamings Apocalypse Cow fruit machine is themed around, what can only be described as a war veteran cow, who by the fact that you can be awarded a Psychedelic Trail Bonus Game, may be a little high on some illegal drug, possibly LSD!

That is our interpretation of the game, maybe you should check it out yourself and see what you think! It is never the less a brilliant fruity to sit down and play as it boasts many different bonus features which give you both entertainment value and more important winning potential.

Stakes and Prizes

As Microgaming powered casinos are multi-currency ones you can set the base currency of your casino account to your home one and in regards to this fruit machine the stake levels you can play it for are: 0.30, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, or 10.00 per game.

Apocalypse Cow Base Game Pay Table:

3 Cherries
3 Single Bars
3 Double Bars
3 Lemons
3 Sevens
3 Melons
3 Dog Tags
3 Helicopters
3 Game Logos

Get three of the T-Bone symbols anywhere in view and you will be awarded bonus game.

Bonus Game on the Apocalypse Cow Game

Once you have managed to spin in anywhere in view a T Bone symbol that will mean you get to play the Apocalypse Cow bonus game, which is played out on a new screen and is a board type feature round where you will work your way around the board by spinning a number reel.

There are three sections of this game which will award you either a set of nudges, a cash multiplier or a feature game, by moving around the board you can increase the number of nudges or the value of the multiplier or earn a better paying bonus feature, depending on which position of the board you land on.

As you land on certain positions they will activate even more features which can add to or decrease the options available in each section listed above and these board positions are as follows:


Landing on this position will award you one of several extra features which include:

Boost - This will relocate you to another position on the bonus board.

Eliminator - One nudge, cash multiplier and feature will be removed from each of the three different sections, and therefore it will not be possible to win those that have been eliminated.

Extra Heart - You will see an Extra Life meter on the screen when all three hearts are lit you will earn an extra life enabling you to carry on playing the bonus game should you normally reach a point where the game has ended, landing on the Extra Heart position will light up one on these Hearts.

Extra Life - Land on this position on the bonus board and all lights will illuminate on the Extra Life meter and therefore you will have earned the right to carry on playing when you would normally have exited the bonus game.

Restart Chance - This feature will give you the chance of triggering another game on the bonus board game, at the completion of the current bonus board game you are given a yes or no type chance of winning the bonus game again.

Cash Shots

Once you land on this position the need to pick one of the flashing multiplier amounts by clicking the Stop button, you can choose to collect the one you light up or have another try if you have been awarded multiple tries.

Feature Shots

Landing on the Feature Stop position will give you the chance to stop the flashing buttons on one of the following additional features, multiple attempts may be awarded should you be awarded more than on Feature Stop.

Apocalypse Cow - This gives you a chance of being awarded another game on the bonus board, once the current bonus game comes to its natural conclusion you are sent back to the main screen where you can then play a Yes or No repeater type game with the aim of you clicking the Stop button whilst the word Yes is highlighted for it to re-trigger.

Cash Blaster - The base game screen is reloaded and each reel will flash, click the Stop button to illuminate one of them and then the reel symbol on that reel will be the one that spins in on the other reels therefore completing a winning combination.

Pick a win - Similar to the above feature the base game screen will reload when this bonus game is awarded and you have to click Stop to stop the flashing symbols, whichever one you light up will be the one to award you a winning combination.

Reel Roulette - Another base game feature round where the reel symbols flash and you need to click Stop to be awarded a winning combination on the symbol you chose.

Revolver - The base game will once again load on this feature round and the reel will spin all in such a way that when you click the Stop button the reels will instantly stop revealing a winning combination which is then awarded.

Spin A Win - This to is a bonus game using the base game screen, the reels automatically will spin in a guaranteed winning combination.

Stoppa Fruit - You need to press Stop to illuminate one of the reel symbols and which ever one you manage to light up will result in you being awarded a winning combination featuring that particular symbol.

Win Series - A random number of winning combinations will spin in repeatedly and you win the accumulated total of all these win spins.

Heart - Landing on the position on the bonus board will light up an additional Heart light on the Extra Life meter.

Win Spin Shots - - When you land on this spot you can be awarded with up to 50 guaranteed winning spins, which play out on the base game screen.

Continue? The display will flash Yes and No you simply need to click Stop when Yes is illuminated, if you do you carry on playing the bonus board game if you stop it on the word No then the bonus game is over.

Carry On - This lets you carry on playing the bonus game instantly

Lose - This instantly ends your bonus game feature and you win nothing.

Eliminator - Each of the three different sections has a feature removed from it, that is one from the nudges, multiplier and feature sections, and once removed you will not be able to win those removed during the bonus round.

Boost - This relocates you to a new positions on the bonus board.

Skill Continue - Each letter in the word CONTINUE will appear in turn, you are tasked with hitting Stop when the last letter that being the E appears and therefore the entire word is completed, by doing just that you will continue playing the bonus board, stop it on any other letter and the bonus board ends.

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