Bingo Fruit Machine

Microgamings Bingo Bango Boom fruit machine will keep all of you bingo players happy and this particular game comes packed with all manner of bonus features and bonus games to ensure you get more than enough entertainment value out of your game play.

Stakes and Prizes

You can select one of many different stake values to play this fruit machine for and as such the coin values can be set at any of the following: 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00.

Bingo Bango Boom Base Game Pay Table:

3 Cherries
3 Lemons
3 Oranges
3 Single Bars
3 Plums
3 Double Bars
3 Sevens
3 Melons
3 Game Logos

Underneath the reels is a Feature Trail, you will move along this by spinning in numbers that have been super imposed onto selected reel symbols, the aim is to make it to then end of this trail and once you do just that the Bingo Bango Bonus game will be triggered.

Base Game Features

Nudges - Once you have completed a spin on any game played you can, at random, be awarded up to 4 nudges, you can use these to enable you to try and complete winning combinations on the win line by moving one reel downwards one position at a time.

Nudge Bank Held - If you have any unused nudges at the end of the nudge feature they may be held over allowing you to play them at the end of the next spin of the reels, if they are indeed held over the Nudge Bank Held light will illuminate and then re-award you with your unused nudges at the completion of the next spin you make.

Extra Interest - Should the nudge bank held feature be awarded then the Extra Interest feature may also be awarded, this will increase the value of your nudge bank by adding more nudges to your nudge bank.

Hold - When you are awarded the Hold feature the hold buttons underneath each reel will flash, and this simply lets you pick any or all of them to be locked into place for the next spin you make.

Have a Peek - This feature is quite a clever one, and becomes activated whenever you have been awarded a nudge feature, as you are unable to view what reel symbols are out of view on each reel, by clicking the Have a Peek button (which is the small triangle shaped button at the top of each respective reel) you will force that reel to step downwards therefore showing you what symbols are not in view.

Trail Held - As you spin in numbers super imposed onto certain reel symbols you will work your way along the bonus trail, once the Trail Held light illuminates when you click the start button your current position on that trail will be locked into place for the next spin of the reels, and any further numbers that spin in will be added to the currently locked in position.

Shifta - This is another randomly activated base game bonus feature and when it is awarded one reel is chosen at random with the other two reels stepping in the two other matching symbols, therefore resulting in a guaranteed three of a kind win.

Bonus Reel Symbol

You can spin in a special Bonus symbol on any of the three reels, once you get one of them spinning in then you will be awarded one of additional bonus features, you need to click the Stop button as they are rapidly scrolled through via the alpha numeric displayed at the top of the screen to discover which one has been award.

During this game you will be awarded one of the following:

Boost - This will relocate you to a different position on the feature trail, it could be a better position or a worse position of even may land you on the end of the trail therefore instantly triggering the bonus game.

Skillshot - This is a true skill game whereby different positions on the trail will illuminate in quick succession, using your skill you need to try and stop the trail when it offers the highest possible position, or indeed lands on the start bonus position.

Stoppa - When this is awarded each position on the trail will flash quickly, you need to click on the Stop button in the hope of landing on a good position on the trail.

Selector - This is similar to the Stoppa feature in as much as groups of lights will flash on the trail and you must click on the Stop button to find out which position you will end up on.

Bonus Game on the Bingo Bango Boom Game

You will get to play the Bingo Bango Boom bonus game only when you have completed the feature trail, this is done by spinning in numbers totalling seven or by completing the trail by lighting up all seven positions by one of the Bonus symbol features listed above.

Once you do this you will then get to play a Bingo game, here six different bonus features can be won. You will see each of these six features on the new screen that is launched once the Bingo Bango Boom game is triggered, and each of them has a small three numbered bingo card underneath each one of them.

The Bingo Drum will fire into action and pump out a selection of bingo balls, as they are drawn out any numbers on the six feature cards which match the numbers drawn are dabbed off, and whichever card is completed first will award you that particular feature. The features you can be awarded are as follows:

Balls Up - This bonus game uses the Bingo Drum again, and here one number is drawn out of the machine and this is then offered to you as a multiplier, you are given the option of collecting it or letting the drum fire out another ball, in the hope the next one out of the drum will be a better ball and therefore award a bigger multiplier. If you do not accept one eventually the game will award you one which you are obliged to take.

Bingo Bango Boom - This is a potentially large paying bonus game, and here you will be playing on a standard bingo card, the balls will start to be drawn out of the drum and the game will be set in motion. Each time a ball drawn matches any on your bingo card they are automatically dabbed off for you.

You will be hoping to win either a one line, two line or full house bingo win once the game ends. Get a one line win and you are given a x50 multiplier , get a two line win and you will be awarded a x200 multiplier, and if you get a full house, that being all numbers crossed off on your bingo card then you will win a massive x3000 multiplier.

The multiplier is based on your staked amount for the base game so for example if you were playing the base game for 0.10 per spin and win a full house you will end up winning a 300.00 payout, only one prize is awarded to getting a two line win will give you a x200 multiplier only and not the one line win as well!

Cash Bingo - During this bonus game the bingo drum fires out a succession o numbered balls, these will all be added together to give you a total multiplier amount. The balls will keep on being drawn from the drum until one appears labelled Boom, when it does appear you will win the total of all multipliers up until that ball was drawn out.

Eyes Down - This game will return you to the base games, and the reels will spin in such a way that when ever you press the Stop button the reels will instantly stop and award you are guaranteed winning combination, which can be any of those found on the fruit machines pay table.

Full House - Three multiplier amounts are displayed on the screen, these will keep on changing to another set of three, simply click on the Stop button when you get a high valued set of these multipliers, which are all added together and multiplied by your base game staked amount which will be awarded as the prize.

House of Cards - This is another base game stop the reels type bonus game where you click the Stop button to win one of several winning combinations as displayed on the paytable.

Nudge Mania - During this bonus game the screen will show you a set of different nudge values, which all flash randomly, you need to click the Stop button in the hope of landing on a high number of nudges, which can then be used on the base game. A Gamble Nudge and Nudge Bank Held feature can also be awarded. The maximum number of nudges you can win during this bonus game is fifteen.

Spin a Win - This is a guaranteed winning base game spin of the reels and will see you return to the slots base game to take that winning spin.

You can play the above slot at Zodiac Casino.